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18|8 Men’s Salons
Irvine, CA

CLIENT: 18|8 A premium barber shop revived and tailored for today’s man’s needs.
AGENCY: The Branding-by-Context team proves that you don’t always need a large agency or budget to do great work.
TASK: Revitalize the brands image, expose the soul of 18|8, inspire our customer & team, provide the tools to communicate effectively.
HOW WE DO IT: Strategically refine our clients communications to be on trend, amplified, engaging, and relevant to our customer. Define our “DNA” and share our story. Develop a consistent brand story and experience for all 18|8 Salon communications. Become respected. Become Desired. Create an army of Brand Ambassadors.

Team: Drew Dougherty, Felipe Bascope, Wednesday Aja, Jen Phillips

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