From Zero to Hero.

360° Brand Campaign for a sports performance tech startup.

BSXinsight is the world’s first prick-less lactate training device. Branding-by-Context is a performance sports branding studio who can help startup’s get the most bang for their investors buck. This new technology was ready to change the way professional endurance athletes and coach’s train - users included cyclists, runners and triathletes. After practically stealing our name, BSX wanted to tell their unique story so core influencer’s could understand, adopt and train the professional or the weekend warrior. BSX Athletics started with a boot-strap kick-starter campaign, gained momentum at industry trade and grass-roots events and sold directly online with enough margin to open future retail channels. BXC provided a holistic approach; pricing, positioning, product design, packaging through ecommerce web design

What we did for BSX Endurance.

BSX Endurance Sports

Website Design and Content - Copy and Images

Ecommerce Website Design

BSX Insight wearable device retail product packaging

Original action photograhy produced by BXC and photographed by Nils Nilsen
Promos and pop for events and live demos

BXC | Sports Branding, Marketing, Design & Production | California


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