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BXC creates brain tattoos.

A logo should be something authentic and conceptual, that shares your unique story, owns a place in your customer's mind and stands out in a crowded marketplace. Every brand identity BXC creates is a custom portrait of your company or product's DNA, and it starts with a plan, not on a whim. Let BXC help you make your mark. No headaches. Call BXC for your FREE 30-minute consultation and quote. 949-677-7324

Ideas, always fresh. Originality guaranteed. Never clip art, ever!

18/8 Mens Luxury Barbershops Rebrand Identity

Logo designed for VITRO Agency QSR client El Pollo Loco.

Logo designed for app game launch. Client: MVP Sportslife and LeBron James

Logo designed for sports electronics launch. Client: Jaybird Audio

Nutritional Supplements Brand. Client: Jennifer Lopez

Logo redesign for action sports brand. Client: O'Neill

Logo and brand designed for sports travel brand launch. Client: Quiksilver and Kelly Slater

Logo and Brand designed for kids game launch. Client: Hasbro

Logo and Icons designed for Hot Wheels product and events. Client: Mattel

Drew Dougherty

Brand Identity Strategist & Nice Logo Designer

You don't know me, but you certainly know our work and clients.

I help entrepreneurs, personalities and companies champion their brand spirit, tune their voice, refine their look, and become brands people remember.

Through a collaborative process, BXC helps efine the who, what, why and prescribes the how, to differentiate your product and brand competitively. Since founding my BXC in 2005, I have helped dozens of companies bring their ideas, passion and vision to life and to market.

Gain access to my 20+ years of marketing, brand building, logo design experience, and let’s make things happen.

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