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The passion and reliability of an inhouse team with the minds and diversity of an ad agency.
BXC is a premium strategy, design and production team lead by Drew Dougherty. “We help companies define their brand persona, champion their aspirational spirit and up their game. Since founding BXC in 2005, my team and I have worked with over 100 clients and produced over 450 projects.” Websites, catalogs, digital campaigns, branding systems, packaging, tradeshow booths, and much more.

Founder, Creative & Mentor.
“I’m a communications strategist and a tailor of words and images. I’ve worked with national ad agencies; FCB, DGWB, Y&R, Vitro and for sportswear companies O’Neill and Quiksilver. I’ve been an educational speaker and a guest on NPR’s MarketPlace. Blessed by the California lifestyle, an avid surfer, snowboarder, mountain biker, backyard farmer, dad and husband. I answer the phone too. Try it!”

Drew Dougherty, Branding Creative Director.

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